Kaneohe man sentenced to 20 years, judge raises doubts conviction will stand

Kaneohe man sentenced to 20 years, judge raises doubts conviction will stand

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A state judge Wednesday sentenced a Kaneohe man to 20 years behind bars for sexually assaulting a boy, but said from the bench that he didn't think the conviction would stand up on appeal.

"I think it's fairly doubtful, at least fairly doubtful that this conviction will stand," state Circuit Judge Glenn Kim said. "I have no trouble finding ... that if the question on appeal is determined favorably to the defendant, the decision will likely result in reversal or new trial on all counts."

Kim was not the trial judge in the case, and said he was required to sentence the photographer to 20 years because a jury found him guilty in May on four counts of sexually assaulting his 14-year-old neighbor.

Deputy city Prosecutor Victoria Chang had asked for 35 years, saying he poses a danger to the community.

"Precisely because of the danger this defendant poses to the community and other children. In this case he targeted a minor child, a child who trusted him," Chang said.

Chang added that the 59-year-old Williams has also been arrested for sexually assaulting another male, this time an adult.

The man who said Williams sexually assaulted him was a co-worker. He testified in court Wednesday that Williams "touched my crotch when I told him not to and he asked for sexual favors saying he would pay me."

But Williams' lawyer, Eric Seitz, said that case was dropped by prosecutors. He also argued the jury should never have convicted Williams in the first sex assault case because there was no physical evidence.

"(The boy) made that claim two years after the fact and then he testified in court and there was no corroboration whatsoever ... and I thought he was significantly impeached," Seitz said.

Seitz said the boy claimed that he and Williams talked on the phone several times, but Seitz said phone records they subpoenaed showed no such contact.

"I don't think the jury considered any of that because of the misconduct of the prosecutor," Seitz said.

The prosecutor didn't respond to the comments.

Meanwhile, Williams was sent to the Oahu Community Correctional Center and will remain behind bars until his appeal is taken up.

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