Getting Out of Gridlock: Tips to become an efficient driver

Getting Out of Gridlock: Tips to become an efficient driver

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - While it may feel almost impossible to alleviate the seemingly worsening traffic on Oahu, there are several simple steps drivers can take to be more efficient on the roads.

First, while merging, do the "zipper," letting one person in, then going, and the driver behind you lets another car in front of them. It's common courtesy.

Tip 2: Don't brake unnecessarily. When you do that, you can inadvertently create a traffic jam, even if there's not a bottle neck.

Tip 3:  When a traffic signal turns green, everyone should accelerate at the same time. More cars will be able to get through.
And finally, stay out of the left lane of traffic, unless you're passing.

As Vox points out, slower cars in the left lane, will make faster drivers weave, increasing the likelihood of a crash.  If everyone stays to the right, except when passing, we create smoother flowing and faster traffic.

Do you have any tips that could help alleviate Oahu's traffic problem? Billy V on Sunrise has some simple tips to help drivers be more efficient. #HINews #HawaiiNews

Posted by Hawaii News Now on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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