Geek Beat: iPhone 7, Apple watch, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall

Geeks talk about the new iPhone 7, updates to the Apple watch and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Geeks are talking about Apple's big announcement day. CEO Tim Cook will show what is new. The geeks say not much will change with the new iPhone 7. One big difference, there will be no jack for the headphones. You will have to use wireless headphones with the new version. It gives them more room for internal components and gets rid of a technology that's been around since the 1960's.

The Geeks also predict an announcement with the Apple watch. They say it needs new hardware to follow the first one. They believe it will have GPS and a  barometer inside as well as a better battery. They also expect better waterproofing since people want to use it for exercise. Barometers are important for hiking to show elevation. We may even see some new colors.

Samsung had a gang busters year with the Galaxy Note 7, but there were problems with the battery manufacturer. There have been reports that the smartphones may catch fire or explode. The Korean company has issued a voluntary recall and expects to take a significant financial hit.

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