City along with HFD prepares for flooding as Lester approaches

City along with HFD prepares for flooding as Lester approaches

As Hurricane Lester churns toward the islands crews cleared the mouths of several streams on the Windward coast in an effort to lessen the chances of flooding.

Meantime the Honolulu Fire Department is also preparing for the possibility of high water.

Firefighters responded to more than 100 flooding calls during tropical storm Darby.  This go round crews are preparing for Lester by focusing on water evacuation strategies. 
"We are going to be focusing on strategic placement of our teams.  We are looking at increasing manpower towards water evacuation flooded conditions," said HFD Captain David Jenkins.

Captain Jenkins says unlike Tropical Storm Darby the plan is to have firefighters and equipment specifically designated to respond to calls for flooding.

"We can assist in diverting water also and maybe mitigate the flooding as it's coming in.  It all depends on the situation at the scene," said Captain Jenkins

At a briefing Mayor Kirk Caldwell addressed resident's concerns about swollen Lake Wilson.

"It's usually down at the 65 foot level.  It's about 78.5 feet.  That's because we had a very wet summer.  We're monitoring it very carefully.  There is a spillway that handles any overflow of water. Should there be a need we'll take action," said Mayor Caldwell.

Officials want people to also be prepared for high winds and the potential for power outages.

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