New Playground at Star of the Sea School

New Playground at Star of the Sea School

By Ryan Lothspeich
HNN Summer Intern

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Star of the Sea School has a new “vandalism-proof” rope-maze playground at its Kahala campus.

The new structure is held together with steel cables covered by rope where kids have to climb through the maze of rope-cables to get to the slide at the top. The ropes are impossible to cut.

"The maze itself is designed so that if they do slip and fall the wont be falling too far below them because it catches them, said Principal Margaret Rufo. "The kids are loving it, every time they step foot to it they figure out a different way to get to the top so it really stimulates creativity."

The new rope maze structure was blessed by Father Paterno Labasano and afterward he climbed the ropes and slid down the slide.

The set was designed by Berliner Seilfabrik, a playground equipment manufacturing company. This is the first set installed on Oahu.

The cost to install the new unit was $50,000 dollars.

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