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Local Connection: Hepatitis A

Even though the Department of Health says it has found the source of the Hepatitis A outbreak…this crisis is certainly not over.  The disease takes weeks in the body to show symptoms…and can be spread before people know they are actually infected. We may not have seen the peak of the outbreak just yet.

So we must support those who became ill and keep our guard up…get our vaccinations…and be sensitive in our support of those businesses who have been harmed by this really unfortunate event.

Every restaurant that was identified as having a worker infected saw a drop in their business…despite health department assurances that there was no risk to the public.  For the one chain that accidentally brought the disease here …this is a nightmare.

People have a lot of choices of places to eat.  It's natural to think twice when you've heard an association between a restaurant and a dangerous disease.  

But these restaurants are not a risk – in fact they are likely SAFER than most places now. 

So make the choice to visit one of them… and tell the workers you are there because you care.   Let's have community support replace our collective fear.

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