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Heavy rains affect ANZ Stadium

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Graeme Logan/Anz Stadium Grounds Curator Graeme Logan/Anz Stadium Grounds Curator

The winter rain here in Sydney has finally let up. Much like there were back there at home, flood warnings were posted across New South Wales on Wednesday. Inside ANZ Stadium, the rain has already taken its toll.

Practices for both teams that had scheduled inside the stadium today were called off because of heavy rains yesterday afternoon.  Officials want to avoid doing any damage to the playing surface ahead of Saturday's season opener.

"As you can understand, there's a lot of players in their group. 105 players, it's quite extraordinary. We felt with the conditions that we didn't want to carve it up today, we'd rather keep it pristine" says Graeme Logan/Anz Stadium Grounds Curator.

Crews worked on the surface into the night, using heat lamps to help dry the field, before picking up again earlier this morning. They still need to convert the surface from rugby to football... But stadium curator Graeme Logan is sure the field will be ready for the Rainbows, come Saturday.

"We're used to a multitude of different events here. We're really confident. It's fine, we're in good shape this time of the year. We've had quite a bit of traffic but come out really well. If it can hold the All Blacks and the Wallaby scrums, it'll hold this round of 300 plus guys that will run on it."

Instead of practice, the Bows will have a walk through at their team hotel before going to team meetings in the afternoon. Ian Scheuring, Hawaii News Now.

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