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Day 1 down under with the Rainbow Warriors

Day 1 down under with the Rainbow Warriors

SYDNEY, Australia (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It was a cold, wet end to a winter's day in Sydney, Australia for the first day of the Rainbow Warriors voyage down under. They're set to open their 2016 season against Cal on Friday. Though if you ask head coach Nick Rolovich they're not preparing to play "football".

"Nah, we don't have a football game this weekend. We've got a gridiron game. That's what we call it down here in Australia," said Rolovich. 

To the culturally uninitiated, practice is still called practice, even south of the equator..So, that's how the 'Bows began their work day.
coach Rolo says the team looked sharp over the two hour session despite a 15-hour trip that spanned most of the weekend.

"Guys did great. Guys did really great. They approached it the right way, we had good effort the whole day," said Rolovich. 

Nah, I think there wasn't too much jet-lag." said senior quarterback, Ikaika Woolsey. "Guys got to bed pretty early last night. Guys came out fired up, ready to be here, focused at the task at hand, so if we do that for the next couple days, I think we'll be alright. 

From practice, it was a quick skip across Sydney's Olympic Park to the home of the Greater Western Sydney Giants, one of the country's premier Australian Rules football clubs. Players from both teams partook in a ceremonial jersey exchange. Then, the 'Bows tried their hand (and foot) at the Aussie rules game.

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