Getting doused in pineapple juice – for a good cause

Getting doused in pineapple juice – for a good cause

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Would you get doused in ice-cold pineapple juice for a good cause?

That's what Philadelphia resident Larry Kaplan did Friday, and he recorded the moment for all the world to see.

Kaplan, a longtime volunteer for the ALS Association, is crossing the nation as part of his 50 in 30 challenge to raise money for Lou Gehrig's Disease research.

His goal: To raise $100,000. So far, he's collected about $18,000 from donors.

The fundraiser is much like the global Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, which thousands participated in. The difference: In every state Kaplan visits, he gets drenched with a sauce, beverage or concoction that represents the place.

So he got covered in barbecue sauce in West Virginia, maple syrup in Vermont and salmon roe and ocean water in Sitka, Alaska.

And on Friday, he gathered a group of people at Magic Island for his Hawaii challenge: Getting drenched with pineapple juice. On Saturday, he was on to Hollywood.

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