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Mariota's facemask, Chinese swimmer's great expressions, Dick Van Dyke sings at Denny's

(Image: Youtube/ Rio Olympics) (Image: Youtube/ Rio Olympics)
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Have you ever noticed that Tennessee Titans quarterback and local boy Marcus Mariota has a special facemask? He designed it himself so that the bars spell out 8-0-8. He actually wore something just like this in college when he was with Oregon. A Riddell representative from Hawaii asked him to customize one. Mariota and some of his college buddies came up with the design. He didn't get to wear it last year as a rookie because the NFL didn't allow it. It didn't fit into the league's strict dress code. This year, the NFL cleared the mask. He has said he just hopes the people of Hawaii notice and he's trying to represent the 808 the best he can.

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui is taking over the internet. Most recently, she broke a taboo and said that because she had her period and that's why she didn't swim well in the 4 x 100 meter relay. The team took 4th place. A lot of people say they admire her honesty and her real reaction to life as a female athlete at the Olympics. She first captured attention when she found out during a live interview that she had won a bronze medal. She was giddy from the win, a stark contrast to the behavior we have seen before from athletes from China. She has more than 6 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

Alaska Airlines has been replacing old leather seats, and wondered if the leather could be recycled.Yes, it can. A company called Looptworks is turning it into classy-looking bags for men and women. Even the carry-on messenger bag, the most expensive item, is only $230. Looptworks is spelled with a "T" in the middle of the words "loop" and "works." But if you get one, be careful where you put it: it's been sat on enough already.

Dick Van Dyke made a surprise appearance at a California Denny's. He started singing a capella with a group of strangers, giving a great rendition of "Chitty chitty bang bang", a song from one of his most famous movies. 

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