Dream about flying? Here's what it could mean

Dream about flying? Here's what it could mean

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Psychologist Paul Unkrur is our dream interpreter.

Dream #1: I was in a big room and I was strapped on to the top of a plane before it took off vertically. I remember because I had to take my hand off the plane for a second to keep my phone from falling out of my sweatpants. So, I folded it over itself. And the faster it got, the easier it was to stay on. The acceleration kind of kept you on. And eventually we were just going in the air. A bunch of my friends and I were free floating and flying under the plane. It was weird, we weren't attached to the plane we were just like in a bubble going with it. I guess I misheard the lady over the intercom because I just jumped too early. I deployed my parachute and I fell to the ground and all my friends left without me.

Interpretation: A plane usually represents a departure from something in his life. Paul gets the sense that because he's a young guy, he may be embarking on something new. Being on the outside of the plane may indicate that he does do things in a unconventional way. It's a good sign that he didn't feel anxious about the change in his life or about leaving his friends behind. He's willing to do what needs to be done.

Dream #2: I have a dream that I'm in this crowd and I can make this decision to all of a sudden fly out of the crowd. All I have to do is flap my wings and I'm slowly coming up, Slowly coming up until I'm actually flying. I can look down at the land or look down at the people. And I was wondering what that meant?

Interpretation: She's probably a leader because she's able to rise about the crowd. She may be willing to take the risk for a new idea or get a new perspective that most are not willing to do.

Dream #3: I was with my parents and an unusual man who looked normal on the outside, but was wild or magical in some way. We were in a crowd and people were noticing that he was different and it was his first time around a crowd. Then, he and I were sitting across of each other in my parents red brick patio and I noticed how attractive I found him. He was about my age and he stood up, picked up his shirt and revealed a large leathery scar on his rib cage. We didn't talk in the dream but we understood each other and were fond of each other. He wanted me to touch the scar so I did and we danced.

Interpretation: This may be a sign that she has a history of dating guys but ignoring some obvious signs about them. The dream is saying that she did see it intuitively that something was wrong. Her parents saw it, too, but she still chose to ignore those opinions. The scar may have been the guy being upfront about being damaged in the past by relationships.

If you have a dream you would like Paul to interpret, email him at PaulUnkrur@yahoo.com with a short video message.

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