What's Trending: Colbert versus Corden, is Shaunae Miller's fall legal and Phelps plays golf

Colbert versus Corden, is Shaunae Miller's fall legal and Phelps plays golf

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In "what's trending," Howard talks about the late night rumors for CBS. He said that there have been rumors for weeks that CBS will flip the air times for Stephen Colbert's Late Show and James Corden's Late Late Show. The clear implication? Someone thinks the second program is better than the first. 
Colbert told the Hollywood Reporter he heard the talk and, quote, "It hurts. I'm a human being. Yeah, I care." Corden, a fan of Colbert, tells People magazine he thinks the rumor is bogus. Corden also said something that should have occurred to me but didn't: what difference does airtime make? Most people watch both shows on-demand at their own convenience.

Steve talked about the social media backlash when Shaunae Miller took the gold in the 400 meter race from American Allyson Felix by falling across the finish line. No matter what people say on Twitter, it is legal. There's still a debate as to whether diving across the line actually helps...and if so why more runners don't do it. Michael Johnson, who used to hold the record in the men's 400 meters says, he thinks Miller only lunged forward because she started stumbling. As for Miller she didn't immediately recall what happened. "My mind went blank," she said. "The only thing I was thinking was the gold medal and the next thing I was on the ground."

Grace found some footage of swimmer Michael Phelps playing golf in a pro-am tournament. He's such a good swimmer and he's won so many medals, there has to be something he's not good at. Even the commentators in the footage say that Phelps is a beginner at golf. So when he tries to sink a 159 foot putt, there's no way. Right? Wrong! He nails it. Phelps is, in fact, good at everything.

Dan shows us the annual salary of the top DJ's in the world that go up to $68 million dollars. That's how much Calvin Harris made, Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend. It makes us all re-think our career choices.

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