Beauty & Grace: Best sunglasses for your face shape

The best sunglasses for your face shape

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For this edition of Beauty & Grace, style expert Alle Fister tells us how to find the right sunglasseses for your face shape. She said a lot of times when you get into the sunglass store, you're so focused on trend and what's cool instead of what looks good on you. You should go in with a plan.

We're starting off with a heart-shaped face. This means your forehead is broader and your chin is more narrow.  One good fit would be an aviator. These are kind of a fresh style for an aviator from Etnia Barcelona. We've recently seen Emma Roberts wearing this style. What's great is that it's wider at the top. And if you notice the silhouette curves in and down to mirror that same face shape.

If you want  something that is more trend-driven for your heart-shaped face, these flat-front glasses from Kimono are really great. But you want to look for something that's either rimless or with a really thin, wire rim like this. You don't want to add extra volume at the top where your face is wider already. 

Up next is an oval face. This means, that your face is pretty symmetrical all around. What we want is to create a little bit more volume at your forehead because your forehead and chin are a bit more narrow. So we're gonna look for two things. This is called a butterfly lens from Lindberg. We've recently seen Naomi Watts wear this exact style. The butterfly is a less extreme cat-eye, so it's gonna come out here at a little bit more volume at your forehead. Also, for the oval face, this pair from Steven Alan would be good.

For a narrow face, round sunglasses may be the best for you. Beyonce has recently been seen in these from Sunday Sunwear. They add great volume to a face shape that's a little more narrow and petite overall.

If you have a round face, you may want to look for an angular frame that's gonna add a little bit more structure to your overall face. It won't be accentuating the roundness of your face. So these ones from Steven Alan and Etnia Barcelona do just that trick. 

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