4 pounds of meth, coloring books mailed to Hawaii

4 pounds of meth, coloring books mailed to Hawaii

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Authorities intercepted a package mailed from California to Hawaii containing more than four pounds of crystal methamphetamine and four children's coloring books.

The package led to arrests of three men and the seizure of $552,000 cash.

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered one of the defendants, William Notyce, held without bail.

According to court documents, a U.S. Postal Service inspector last week located a suspicious package being mailed from Redwood City, California to a Honolulu post office box.

Authorities removed the drugs, replaced it with pseudo meth, repackaged it with the coloring books and installed a tracking device.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Marion Percell says Notyce was the one who opened the package and gave instructions to the others about it.

Defense attorney Todd Eddins declined to comment outside of court.

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