Mayoral candidate Peter Carlisle explains why HPD chief should step down

Carlisle on why HPD Chief should step down

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Former Honolulu mayor and prosecutor Peter Carlisle wants to get back into the city's top office. On Sunrise, he explained why he believes that Honolulu police chief Louis Kealoha should step aside while he is facing federal corruption charges. The chief has maintained his innocence and has not been convicted of anything, but Carlisle says as a leader, it is a perception problem.

Carlisle also spoke about the infrastructure problems facing the city. He said that while he acknowledges there are plenty of projects that are worthy, he would make sure to spend wisely. That's what a leader decides, he reiterated. It would be one of his top priorities, if he is elected into office.

Earlier this week, both incumbent Mayor Kirk Caldwell and mayoral candidate Charles Djou answered similar questions. The primary will be held on August 13, 2016. To win the mayor's seat, one candidate has to get at least 50% plus one vote. If not, then the top two candidates will have a runoff election in November in the general election.

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