Local Connection: Ige's Homeless Plan

Local Connection: Ige's Homeless Plan

Politicians usually don't like to make memorable promises.

For example…Mayor Caldwell's promise to build rail on time and on budget is haunting him now.

So Governor Ige deserves credit for the pledge he has made – to essentially end homelessness by 2020.

This is a big leap for a Governor who used to say that was impossible.

Of course… there will always be some homeless people.  The "end" of homelessness actually means that when someone ends up on the street… they will be identified… helped and Housed…within a few weeks.

Still… the Governor's plan includes elements key to success. It invests in data – so progress can actually be measured.  It has clear goals…such as building 10-thousand affordable units in four years… and it relies on proven strategies…such as rapid rehousing and Housing First.

The plans main weakness is that the 12 million dollars set aside is a tiny fraction of what will be needed. Getting enough cash will require convincing lawmakers to give something else up…in order to address homelessness.

That will take persistence and persuasion by the Governor himself. We wish him luck.