Victim of H1 freeway stabbing takes stand at preliminary hearing

Victim of H1 freeway stabbing takes stand at preliminary hearing

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The man accused of stabbing three people in an apparent road rage incident on the H-1 last week was in court this afternoon.

During the preliminary hearing, 58-year-old Mark Char refused to sit idly by and instead took control of his own defense.

Char sat with his head down writing pages of his own questions. His attorney then used those questions while cross examining the witnesses.

Many were directed at Deion Anunciacion. Questions like, "Did you notice the bumper stickers on the back of Char's car?"

Anunciacion walked the attorneys through what he claimed happened. He says he was in the car with another man Jesther Marlang.  He testified that Char was driving aggressively and crashed into them after they pulled off on the shoulder of the highway.

Marlang was outside of the vehicle when Anunciacion says Char emptied a can of pepper spray in his friend's face. Char used a second can of pepper spray on Aunciacion.

Later Anunciacion saw his friend and Char rolling around on the ground.  He described seeing a lot of blood.

Anunciacion says he was stabbed in his arm when he tried to break up the fight.

"In his hand.  Do you know the shape of a spade from cards.  There was a spade looking knife that was silver that reflected off the sun that's what caught my eye.  How was he holding it?  It was actually gripped in his hand and it was protruding out between his middle finger and his ring finger. Proteuding out straight," said Anunciacion.

Testimony revealed Marlang was stabbed three times in the torso, once in the back and once in the neck.

During the fight his kidney was sliced.  Doctors say if he didn't have surgery right away he would have died.

Char is claiming self defense. He is scheduled to be in court again for this particular case later this month.

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