JASON BOURNE is a well made, well acted thriller full of rock 'em sock 'em action and excitement. It's wildly preposterous, but fans of the Bourne movies probably won't be disappointed.

Set in the 1930's, Woody Allen't 47th film, CAFE SOCIETY, is a gentle romantic comedy that stirs up feelings of regret and melancholy.

Bobby: You're very beautiful.

Vonnie: I'm seeing someone.

Bobby: What's he like?

Vonnie: Doug is a journalist.

Bobby: I just thought since you have so much free time on your hands.

Vonnie: He travels a lot. And I really like spending my time with you. I hope that's OK. You're very sweet. Have you heard that before? You have this deer in the headlights quality.

Bobby: Thank you. Well, if I was your boyfriend, I would not travel. Or if I did I would take you with me.

Jesse Eisenberg is Bobby, the nephew of Phil, a powerful Hollywood agent played by Steve Carell.

Bobby is instantly smitten by Phil's secretary, Vonnie, played by the smart and talented Kristen Stewart. Her character's complications and contradictions are the heart of this bittersweet comedy-drama.

The entire movie is a sort of tribute to idealized memories of 1930's Hollywood and New York. beautifully shot by the iconic cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Bobby: You like jazz music?

Veronica: At two in the morning?

Bobby: At any time in the morning.

It's no surprise that Allen cast Blake Lively as the other major female character in CAFE SOCIETY. Is there a contemporary actress who looks more like the movie stars of the 30's and 40's?

Jason Bourne: I volunteered because of a lie.

In JASON BOURNE Matt Damon is back as the former CIA assassin, determined to find out who he was before he was transformed into a killer.

The film also tries on another important theme: the conflict between public safety and personal freedom.

It's got all the action and excitement you'd expect from a Bourne film, but nothing you haven't seen before if you're a fan of action thrillers. This is the kind of film where chase scenes are so over the top that no real human being could possibly survive them. Yet, here the hero and the villain emerge ready to fist fight in a sewer.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.