'Bows turn things up a notch with first padded practice

'Bows turn things up a notch in first padded practice

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As week one of the Rainbow Warriors' preseason camp was coming to a close, head coach, Nick Rolovich, said he could notice his team losing some steam. Well that certainly changed on Saturday morning.  The 'bows got their first opportunity to put on pads, and given the chance to finally hit somebody, it was full steam ahead in Manoa.

The Rainbow Warriors wasted no time when it came to getting hits in. They started practice with Oklahoma drill. Rolovich mainly used the drill to let the underclassmen show what their made of.

Regardless of class, after a week of "playing in pajamas" as Rolovich calls it, all of the 'bows were all too happy to turn things up a notch.

"It's super refreshing I think everybody was waiting for the full padded day," said senior offensive lineman, Leo Koloamatangi. "The whole week just dragged because we were in shells and it's kind of like a tease. So, finally putting all the pads on and everybody goes, it's kind of refreshing and I think everyone enjoyed it."

Finally getting to tackle didn't just breathe new life into the team. According to senior, offensive lineman, RJ Hollis, it's helping them asses where they're at after one week of camp.

"You know it kind of let us know where we really are at the end of the day," said Hollis. "Games aren't going to be half contact or have pajamas. So, not only for us, but, for the defense,  form tackling, throwing cut blocks, all of that. It just kind of let us know where we were."