Waianae boxer shares progress on condition 1 year after brutal fight in Thailand

Kalae McShane Hawaii Pro Boxer - 1 yr update

Kalae McShane is currently 23 years old. He's been fighting pro for almost 2 years with a record of 5-0. He had been in Thailand fighting under the WBO Asian Pacific region. On August 6, 2015, following a sparring session, he felt nauseated and complained of headache. Shortly there after he became unconscious which landed him in a coma. They have found that the coma was a result of dehydration, heat , and lack of sleep. These combined elements caused him to have multiple strokes. With a blood clot lodged in his brain he fell into a coma which lasted 2 ½ months. He and his father, Shane, we're stuck in Thailand for two months while D, battled with insurance and medical expenses to have been flown home. After 2 ½ months of chaos and a bunch of red tape they were finally able to fly home last October.  Mid October 2015 he began to awaken from the coma. The doctors classified his condition as "locked in syndrome". This meant, the brain was fully functioning however it could not communicate with the body. At this point there is nothing that can be done medically. It's a waiting game. With persistence from the family members, he started to show signs of responding. The ending of October, 2015, father Shane, and Kalae, flew to Denver Colorado and began recovery at Craig Hospital facility, a facility that specializes in traffic brain injury. January 2016 they came home to Hawaii.

Since then Kalae Has continued to make strides in his recovery. In February 2016, Dee McShane, made the decision to leave her job and concentrate full-time on his recovery treatment. She has learned to become a coach, therapist, nutritionist, and whatever else is needed. Kalae and Dee spend five days a week doing various activities. Starting out the morning with training in the gym, in addition to that personal training twice a week with a trainer at 20 far fitness. Three days a week of aqua therapy are added in. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber's three times a Week. Recently Dee has added in playing tennis. By continuously changing, and adding in different activities it allows his body to be challenged and continue to push forward.

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