Local Connection: Chamber of Commerce ft. Sherry Menor-McNamara

Local Connection: Chamber of Commerce ft. Sherry Menor-McNamara

Every election year, the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii looks to candidates who support issues we care about and who understand the concerns of our members and the local business community. Our members are primarily small businesses, with over 80 percent having less than 25 employees.

The Chamber works to support initiatives that will improve the state's economy AND our quality of life.

Initiatives like Honolulu Rail Transit and homelessness.

We support rail transit and its originally planned route from East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center. We share concerns about the project's cost overruns. However, we must recognize that progress has been made and encourage all stakeholders to come together to develop solutions. We need a viable alternative to Oahu's mounting traffic congestion. This responsibility lies not only with the person sitting in the Mayor's office, but with many stakeholders.

On homelessness, the need is urgent for the city and state to continue to collaborate and work with stakeholders for continued progress. We support the city's Sand Island shelter program and the city-state partnerships with the private sector.

It is our hope that voters will take into consideration these and other issues this
upcoming election by asking candidates how they stand on these issues. Your vote is your voice. When you vote, you are letting candidates and elected officials know how you feel about issues that are important to you.

Healthy businesses create jobs, grow our economy and build a better quality of life for residents of Hawaii - and that's in everyone's interest.

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