Hawaii gets $3.7M to fight infectious diseases

Hawaii gets $3.7M to fight infectious diseases

HONOLULU (AP) - The federal government has awarded $3.7 million to the state Department of Health to fight infectious diseases like the Zika virus and Hepatitis A.

Health Director Virginia Pressler says the money will help Hawaii investigate its Hepatitis A outbreak. More than 90 people in Hawaii have contracted Hepatitis A in Hawaii since mid-June.

Pressler said Tuesday the funds also will help the state prevent local transmissions of the Zika virus in Hawaii. The health department urges Hawaii residents traveling to the Olympics to prevent mosquito bites to reduce the risk of contracting Zika and bringing it back to Hawaii.

Officials say anyone returning to Hawaii from areas affected by the Zika virus should see a doctor if they fall ill within two weeks of returning home.

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