Pono in Paradise: Healthy summer treats for dogs

Pono in Paradise - healthy summer treats for dogs

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For this edition of Pono in Paradise, we are making healthy summer treats for our four-legged friends. Beth Danowsky, a registered Dietitian from IMUA Orthopedics Sports and Health shows us how. She made sure to include whole food ingredients that are safe for your pet when she made her "pupsicles".

Inside a popsicle mold, she stacked bits of cooked beef, blueberries, chopped parsley and chia seeds. Then she added some chicken broth to bring it all together. She also used asparagus or a carrot for the popsicle "stick". Beth said that you can include all kinds of dog friendly foods inside the mold. She even made a vegetarian one after she blended some fruit together before pouring it into the mold.

After freezing it, she said it's safe to give to your pet 30 minutes after they have cooled down from a heavy exercise bout. We tested it with her dog Lola, who clearly loved the "pupsicle".

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