What's trending - Olympian versus motherhood and Motorized luggage

What's trending - Olympian versus motherhood and Motorized luggage

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In "what's trending", NBC News asked 3 time Olympian Dominique Dawes what's tougher: being an Olympian or a mom? Grace explains that Dawes who is raising 2 young daughters, believes that motherhood is much tougher than training to be a competitive gymnast. Dawes has a 10-month-old baby and a 2 year old girl. As an athlete, she said you are challenging yourself, but you know what to do because you've trained for it. As a mom, you don't always have control over your kids and that's part of what makes it so hard. Dawes said, she's just trying to keep her toddler from destroying her house on most days.

Howard tells us about a wind project that is being built off Montauk Point. The Long Island Power Authority has approved 15 wind turbines to be built in the Atlantic. Underwater cables will bring the power to land for use. It's a project that he is watching closely because it has been considered in Hawaii.

Steve shows us what every lazy traveler needs, motorized luggage. You can even ride it! It's called the Motobag and it does fit TSA standards. It weighs 19 pounds. It's not available yet, but if you contribute a minimum of $995 towards Motobag's Indiegogo fundraiser, you are guaranteed a bag by January of 2017.

Dan shares video of a guy who's just trying to watch the news, but can't. His dog and cat keep distracting.

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