Lightning jolts Kaneohe home leaving holes in wall and sidewalk

Lightning jolts Kaneohe home leaving holes in wall and sidewalk

KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As tropical storm Darby lingered Sunday - lighting flashed in the skies over Oahu 596 times.  One Kaneohe woman has evidence at least one bolt hit the ground.

"It had to be just an enormous amount of energy," said Kauanoe Mauna Kea.

It was just after 9:30.  Mauna Kea and her kids were all inside the house when they heard something crack.

"It shook the house. We have pictures that came down.  I was home on the Big Island when hurricane Iselle hit.  The sound of the albizia trees crashing were horrific in itself. But this was louder," said Mauna Kea.

It wasn't until morning that she realized just how close Darby had come.

"I came out that door and my eyes went right here.  I went oh my gosh. What happened?  Then I realized it had to have been last night's lightning," said Mauna Kea.

After striking the wall her contractor believes the lightning traveled underground through the rebar in the sidewalk  before exploding just steps away from the home. Chunks of cinder block were thrown 20ft. into the yard.

Almost as quick as it happened, the patch job began.  Mauna Kea says she's just happy everyone's okay.

"We weren't out, the dogs weren't out.  Nobody got hurt.  Just property damage and that's repairable," said Mauna Kea.

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