video review of THE INFILTRATOR:

Based on a true story, THE INFILTRATOR is an exciting and satisfying thriller that shows the danger, excitement, and moral conflicts experienced by an undercover narcotics agent who has to become friends with drug lords and then betray them. Bryan Cranston is terrific as that undercover agent who also has the problem of trying to be a normal family man when he's not working. It's his best role since BREAKING BAD.

Bob Mazur: This is what I do. I'm an undercover narcotics agent. I sit with murderers and made men and I lie. I lie my ass off.

It's 1986. Bryan Cranston is Bob Mazur, the narc who pretends to be a flashy big time money launderer named Bob Musella.

Bob works with streetwise agent, Emil Abreu, played by John Leguizamo to infiltrate a drug cartel from the bottom up.

Criminal: She is my present for you tonight, Mr. Bob.

Bob: I'm engaged.

Criminal: So?

Emil sees turning down the offer as a big mistake.

Emil: I know these people. You gotta play with them. You gotta drink with them. You gotta do whatever you gotta do, man.

To cover Bob's lie, his boss assigns a female agent played by Diane Kruger to play his fiancé.

Bob isn't happy about working with an agent who's never done undercover work before, because in this line of work if you blow your cover, you die.

Alcaino: In my business, nothing good ever comes in the absence of trust. Without it there's no loyalty and where there is no loyalty, it never ends well.

But as they climb the cartel ladder, laundering ever larger sums of money, she proves quite valuable in winning the trust of Benjamin Bratt as the number 2 man, Robert Alcaino.

Bob and his fake fiancé become good friends with these evil doers who at home lead normal lives, and they feel bad when it comes time to betray them which adds an important level of humanity to the film.

In one of the film's best scenes, Bob runs into a drug kingpin when he's out to dinner with his real wife who's never seen him act like a criminal before.

Even though we know these agents will succeed, THE INFILTRATOR makes you feel the constant peril they face.

THE INFILTRATOR is gripping from start to finish.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.