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Businesses cleaning up after Darby

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MAPUNAPUNA (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Tropical Storm Darby sent business owners around Kalihi scrambling as rain water flooded the shops.  

They spent Monday cleaning up, something they are used to after heavy rain.

"We're going to try to salvage everything we can," says Bob Freeman, owner of Mr. Sandman in Mapunapuna.  Mr. Sandman rents heavy equipment and concrete supplies. Freeman estimates damage to be about $200,000.  "A lot of equipment, a lot of electrical equipment that was on the floor, the water was up to 12 inches."

Nearby at Tails of Hawaii, a pet grooming and daycare center, they were cleaning the muddied parking lot.  The animals are kept on higher ground, but the street and lot had pools of water.  "It's kind of a low lying area, we do kind of get swamped," says owner Heather Manuel.

Businesses in Iwilei have the same problem.  This is the third time in two years that some of the Shops at Dole Cannery have had storm damage.  

Dennis Proulx of TAG, which stands for, The Actors' Group, thought Darby had spared them when he saw clear skies at about 5 p.m. Sunday.  But by 7 p.m., he says they were desperately trying to keep water out.  "I came down here to put some sandbags and plastics in front of the door, hoping that would help take care of some of it," says Proulx, "But by the time it really started coming down, it was too late."  A lot of the theater's equipment and props were destroyed.

At the Armed Chair Adventurer, an Iwilei business that sells board games for families, employees started stacking the merchandise.  "Get what you can off of the floor, put the sand bags out and hope for the best," says Robert Welch, the store's owner.    Welch says because the items they sell are light, they were able to get almost everything to higher ground.  Only the furniture was damaged.

All the businesses in the lower areas around Kalihi expect flooding during storms but say Darby did surprise them.  

"Looking at the satellite image, it didn't look like it was coming this way," says Proulx.  He says they'll work to replace what was lost and try to keep what they can stacked higher before the next storm.

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