Honolulu mayoral candidate Kurt Baker discusses rail, homelessness

Kurt Baker for Honolulu Mayor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kurt Baker is a candidate for Honolulu Mayor. He is staunchly against the rail project. Baker said on Sunrise that if the project cannot sustain itself financially, it should be scrapped despite its multi-billion dollar price tag. He said if it's not closed down, the city will have to continue to dump money into the project endlessly.

On homelessness, he would like more low income housing. He didn't specify where they would be built or how they would be paid for, but suggested that the money from the rail project be re-directed into housing. He said after working at the Honolulu International Airport for 17 years, he also sees an influx of the homeless in the winter months and believes that needs to be stopped.

As for his leadership qualities, Baker said that not being a politician would give him a unique perspective if he is voted into office.

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