Suspected gunman caught in Waianae execution attempt

Suspected Gunman Indicted
Ranier Ines, 42 (mug shot)
Ranier Ines, 42 (mug shot)
Kele Stout (image: Hawaii News Now)
Kele Stout (image: Hawaii News Now)

WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A second suspect has been caught in the execution attempt on Kele Stout, the man who somehow drove himself to Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center with five bullets in him.

Brandon Lafoga, 26, was arrested at the Honolulu International Airport for attempted murder and a felony firearms offense on Friday. Court documents said he fled to Alaska where he later became incarcerated for a separate assault case that occurred in March.

Stout says he's always felt as if he's had a target on his back, until now.

"I remember this person coming up to me with the gun to shoot me in the face and I remember just closing my eyes and just praying," Stout said in an exclusive interview with Hawaii News Now in April.

The day Stout is talking about was Sept. 16th, 2015.

Lafoga's arrest took 10 months of tracking down leads and gathering evidence.

"They did a terrific job. Honolulu Police Department did a wonderful job of looking at every conceivable shred of evidence and was able to identify Lafoga as the shooter…this is great police work," said law enforcement expert Tommy Aiu.

Stout says his coworker, Ines, held him at gunpoint in a company van while on the job back in September. The two were working for Aloha State Sales, a construction business. Court documents said Ines demanded Stout's debit card PIN number. Ines then called someone saying, "I'm riding with the money...don't worry, we'll have rent today," according to documents.

Ines made Stout drive to Waianae to meet Lafoga. There, Stout was allegedly tied up and beaten. Lafoga allegedly told Stout, "Now you're going to die. Ranier told me to handle this and you're going to be the first person I kill."

According to the documents, Lafoga said he had to handle it to "earn rank."

Lafoga allegedly shot Stout five times, the first shot was in the face.

"I was trying to stay quiet because every time I like coughed or something, I'd get another shot…I guess he didn't think I was dead so he would just pop another one," Stout said in April.

When Lafoga got out of the van to buy items to burn the vehicle with Stout in it, Stout said he left the van still running. Through courage, strength, and the willingness to live, Stout said he was able to untie his hands and drive to the Waianae hospital.

"I thought it was over so I was just leaning on the steering wheel kind of going in and out, just honking on the horn until finally a security guard pulls in," said Stout in April.

Honolulu police treated the van as a crime scene, which held the gun and Lafoga's DNA.

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