State warns people to temporarily stay away from Makapuu tide pools

State warns people to temporarily stay away from Makapuu tide pools

MAKAPUU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state issued a warning Monday telling people to stay away from the Makapuu tide pools,  at least for the time being.  This comes just two days after a California man and his young daughter died in the high surf there.

On Monday the ocean churned sending waves generated from former tropical storm Celia high onto shore.

"I got close enough so it would go over top of me. It's kind of sketchy but it's alright," said Jordan Williams, New Zealand.

Williams was one of about a dozen people who chose to disregard the warning and make the trek down to the tide pools early in the afternoon.  Some had no idea what they were in for and wound up bloody and muddy.

Thomas Murphy and his family heard about the hike on social media.

"The pictures I've seen of the tide pools are real calm water so that's kind of what we expected. Obviously the weather today. It's just not worth it.  Plus I've got this 25lb. weight on my back," said Thomas Murphy.

As former tropical storm Celia and Hurricane Darby pass the islands the Department of Land and Natural Resources issued this statement:

"The public should not go into the tide pools during these conditions, and should stay far back from the water and view the area from safe distance on dry land."

Hawaii News Now asked if the state would ever restrict access to the area.  The parks administrator said it's not a necessary or pragmatic option.