Candidate Lawrence Friedman campaigns for mayor

Candidate Lawrence Friedman campaigns for mayor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Lawrence Friedman wants to be Honolulu's next mayor. He is retired after a career of designing and selling multi-million dollar fiber optic and communication networks to Fortune 50 companies according to his social media page.

He believes the current rail project lacks a proper financial plan. Without one, Friedman says the costs could go even higher. To bring the costs down, he proposes that fewer stations be built in order to save money. He also believes that the current mayor Kirk Caldwell is mismanaging the project which is costing voters money.

Friedman also wants to do more to help the homeless. He believes in a housing first type of policy where we find affordable homes for them. What's missing, he said, is a program to re-train them so that they can return or enter the workforce and become a more viable citizen.

Leadership skills are important. Friedman believes he has the right ones to make sure the rail project is run better. He also believes he has the ability to work with the city council to achieve positive results.

Friedman appeared on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now. He is the first, in a series of candidates, who are running for mayor who will appear on the show.

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