GMO labeling law passes Congress

GMO labeling law passes Congress

WASHINGTON D.C. (HawaiiNewsNow) - President Obama is expected to sign a bill passed by congress this week that requires genetically modified foods to be labeled nationwide.

Companies are expected to include the info on a QR code.

Hawaii congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard is among the critics who say it should be in plain text that anyone can easily see.

"Nearly 90-percent of Americans have called for this clear simple direct labeling of foods that have been either genetically engineered or modified," Gabbard said. "Instead of doing that, this bill creates a system of electronic codes symbols and texts that are intentionally confusing to consumers."

The new labeling rules will take about 2 years to develop.

A major study in May found GMOs pose no health risks to humans or the environment but it does lead to increased pesiticide use.

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