Local Connection: Ambush in Dallas

Local Connection: Ambush in Dallas

The murder of five police officers and wounding of seven others in Dallas was a gut wrenching reminder of the danger law enforcement officers face every day.

Our hearts and prayers go out to their families…their colleagues and the entire city…which now mourns.

One veteran of law enforcement told us his first thought was about the bravery of those officers under fire. Their colleagues down…and civilians running for cover…they charged into the firing zone to aid their colleagues and find the shooter.

Moments before…many of those same officers had stoically endured the taunts of the marchers who were protesting police violence.  The officers there to ensure that the demonstrators were able to peacefully express their first amendment rights.

Our thoughts and prayers should also be with the members of our own police department in Hawaii.  Who would be equally willing to put themselves into harm's way to protect you and me.

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