If you enjoy sophisticated, character-rich spy movies, you should see OUR KIND OF TRAITOR.

And if you'd like to watch an entertaining teenage comedy-drama with a mostly Korean-American cast, then by all means get yourself to SEOUL SEARCHING now showing at Kahala Mall.

Announcer's voice: Welcome to summer school in Seoul, Korea where you will learn about your heritage and make friends from around the world.

Please form a single file line.

SEOUL SEARCHING is based on the actual experiences of writer-director Benson Lee whose Korean born parents sent him to a  summer camp in Seoul for kids who know nothing of the culture their parents grew up in.

But these creatures of the 80's are far more interested in American pop culture and partying hard. Their outrageous behavior continually frustrates the teachers and counselors.

The film deals with a few too many characters, but it really understands the vulnerability and the human problems of these crazy acting-out teens. For me, SEOUL SEARCHING was a delightful surprise.

In OUR KIND OF TRAITOR, Ewan McGregor is Perry, a Londoner vacationing in Marrakech when he meets Stellan Skarsgard as Dima, a Russian money launderer who knows that his bosses are planning to kill him and his family and so he wants to expose them and their British accomplices in return for safe passage to the UK for him and his family.

Dima : I need your help.

Perry: Help? I'm a teacher. What can I do?

Dima: When you go back to London, give this to your MI6. Tell them you have a gift from the number one money launderer from the Russian Mafia.

Damian Lewis plays Hector, an English MI6 agent trying to do his job in spite of some of his superiors who are actually in cahoots with the Russian Mafia.

Hector: Is this all he gave you?

Perry: Yeah.

Hector: Why did you bring it?

Perry: I thought it was the right thing to do.

Hector: He told you he was a member of the Russian Mafia.

Perry: He said his children would be killed if I didn't.

OUR KIND OF TRAITOR is a rich film. The story is absorbing and the characters feel real. It's based on a novel by John le Carre who knows full well that all human beings are a mix of good and evil.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.