These are the highest-paying jobs in the islands

These are the highest-paying jobs in the islands

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - What's the highest-paid career in the islands?

Turns out, family and general practitioners beat out all other jobs salary-wise.

That's according to a new analysis of salaries from Zippia, an online career advising firm.

The analysis found that family and general practitioners made an average salary of $228,220 a year, and had and entry-level salary of $76,240.

Physicians and surgeons were the second-highest paid, and internists took the third spot.

Judges and nurse anesthetists rounded out the top five.

Zippia looked at pay, as reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for 542 job classifications. Their analysis determined the careers with the top 100 average salaries in the islands.

Medical-related jobs dominated the top 10 on the list, but chief executives (no. 7) also did well, as did postsecondary education administrators (no. 10).

Some other highly-paid professions: Astronomers (who made $116,420 on average), air traffic controllers ($108,200), and lawyers ($104,180).

Engineering technicians just barely made the list, taking the 100th spot, and earning on average $74,940 a year.

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