Hawaii's law enforcement community stands in solidarity with Dallas

Hawaii's law enforcement community standing in solidarity with Dallas

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii's law enforcement community is standing in solidarity with Dallas in the wake of Thursday's ambush that killed five officers.

"These are the people rushing into help the community. These are the people trying to stop the assailant from causing more carnage..they're looking to save the community and they have the target painted on their back," said former police officer and Hawaii News Now law enforcement expert Tommy Aiu.

Aiu says this is a painful reminder that their lives are always on the line.

"It was a totally directed assault on law enforcement. Nothing like this has ever happened in law enforcement history," Aiu said.

Most won't know the pain of losing a loved one in the line of duty. But some in our community do.

"This soon, nothing makes sense. You're just waiting for somebody to pinch you and wake you up," Donna Borengasser said.

Borengasser and veteran Honolulu officer Danny Padayao were never married, but they had been together for 23 years when he was killed on the job back in 2001 by a drunk driver.

Fifteen years later, Borengasser says the pain never really goes away and it doesn't get easier with time. It's learning how to adjust with the new normal.

"To someone they're a police officer. But to the family -- a husband, the father," said Borengasser.

"As a wife, it's really what happened to other part of my life? We were half of a whole. Now I've got to be the whole all by myself."

Honolulu's police chief Louis Kealoha issued a statement Friday sending condolences to the Dallas Police Department.

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