Local Connection: TSA Line Relief

Local Connection: TSA Line Relief

There is certainly not another state in the nation where the airline travel experience is as important as it is to Hawaii.

The effectiveness and efficiency of TSA screening is a huge part of that.

So it's shameful that on every holiday weekend … TSA staff shortages mean travelers are warned to get to major airports up to 3 hours early.   On Memorial Day Weekend local airlines organized employees…volunteers and even family members to assist travelers and reduce the wait.

But as Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark Dunkerley points out… employees and volunteers doing work that should be done by the TSA is not a long-term solution.

Unfortunately – that remedy is in the hands of our dysfunctional congress.  Which also deserves a lot of the blame for the problem.  That's because lawmakers diverted about 13 Billion dollars of the money passengers paid for security into other things.

It's highly unlikely congress will return that money to TSA anytime soon…as members are spending most of their time flying back to their districts to campaign.

My guess is... they aren't standing in line with the rest of us.

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