Business Report: Hawaii's connection to the Internet

Business Report: Hawaii's connection to the Internet

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Many networks are making landfall in Hawaii. Southern Cross lit up starting in 2000 - it has a figure-eight design - two routes between the U.S. mainland and Australia and New Zealand with connections at both ends and a cross connection in Hawaii, where one route lands at Oahu and the other on the Big Island. The Japan-U.S. Cable Network went up in 2001. Telstra Endeavour, which links Oahu with the east coast of Australia – went up in 2008. ASH is the American Samoa-Hawaii cable – it went up in 2009.

Also up in 2009, the Asia-American Gateway cable, which goes from San Luis Obispo through Oahu to Guam and the Philippines, and from there to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam with a spur to Brunei. Honotua goes from the Big Island down to Tahiti. It lit up in 2010.

South America Pacific Link connects Oahu with Chile and a spur goes across the Isthmus of Panam to the Caribbean and lands at Jacksonville, Florida.
Hawaiki Cable is being laid now between Oregon and Australia with spurs to New Zealand and American Samoa – it also lands on Oahu.

And this year the SEA-US cable will open from here to Indonesia with a spur to the Philippines. It lands in Guam and Oahu and makes West Coast landfall at Hermosa Beach, California.

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