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Movie Review: FINDING DORY

     FINDING DORY is the new feature length animation from Pixar. It’s a sequel to the Academy Award winning FINDING NEMO which came out in 2003. FINDING DORY isn’t a bad film, but it’s a disappointment, because it’s nowhere near as good as FINDING NEMO even though it was made by many of the same people.

     The problem is not the animation. It’s the script, a tall tale that goes on and on. Also, too much of the humor is based on the memory loss of the little fish named Dory who becomes downright annoying. 

Dory as baby fish:  I suffer from short term men..memory loss.

Mother fish: Yes!

Father fish: That’s exactly what you say. 

        At the beginning, Dory is a cute, very young fish. But the story soon jumps ahead to when she’s older and her memory failures have caused her to get lost far away from her parents.

Dory: My family! They’re out there somewhere. Have to find them!  Oh. I remembered something. That’s not possible is it? OK Is it like a picture in your head? and then you think I’ve seen this before. I just used the word, “before,” which means I’m remembering something. What was I talking about?

        Ellen Degeneres is the voice of Dory, who never stops complaining about or explaining her mental disability.

Dory:  I lost my family.

Another fish: Where did you see them last?

Dory: I forgot….I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least, I think it does. 

        For me this one note humor became tiresome. 

        I did enjoy some parts of the movie. One of the new characters is Hank, an octopus in the Marine Life Institute where Dory thinks her parents might be.

         Hank is voiced by Ed O’Neill. But even with Hank, Dory’s one note performance continues.

Hank: If I just take take your tag, then I can take your place on the transport truck and then you can go back inside and find your family. All you have to do is give me your tag.

Dory: What tag? Oh, There’s a tag on my fin.

Hank: How could you forget you have a tag on your fin?

Dory: Oh, no. I’m sorry. I suffer from short term memory loss.

Hank: You don’t remember what we were talking about. 

        FINDING DORY will certainly keep children entertained, but it could be a different story for many adults.

        Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.

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