Beauty & Grace: Hottest summer products for your skin and hair

Hottest summer products for your skin and hair

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For this edition of "Beauty and Grace", we're talking about the top summer products that you got to have. Beauty expert, Alle Fister chose these products and believes there are the best of hot weather beauty products.

The sun can be really harsh and a cleanser that Alle recommends is from Murad. They have a really nice Vitamin C infused line that's energizing and really great for post sun. It's very gentle.

Exfoliating is very important as well. They can be gritty and rough, but that can damage your skin.So Alle found an enzyme cleanser from MD Rejuvena. Enzymes are a natural way to exfoliate. A little more mild than some of those kind of gritty scrubs, but just as effective. You can order it from

A lot of us are sleeping on cotton pillow cases. Now if you think of cotton, it's actually an absorbent. So you spend all this time and energy putting on these great products and you get into bed and what happens is your pillow case, it soaks up all of the benefits. So SHHHSILK is a beautiful line of silk pillow cases that come in full or travel size. It keeps the product sealed where they're supposed to be, which is on your skin versus on your pillow..It's very good for you hair and skin. You can find more information at

About 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong color foundation. Alle found this brand called Match Co that uses an app on your smartphone. You tap on your face throughout different parts of it. The app is amazing. It'll guide you through where to tap and they literally create a custom blend that is perfect for your personal skin type and it even comes with your name on the bottle. Find out more at

To get that sun-kissed glow, we've got a great foundation. Alle found this palette from Kevyn Aucoin. It has all the colors that you need in one handy palette to have that summer time color. It has everything from bronzer to blush, to even to a little bit of a highlighter on the end. Look for more information at

The number one place on your body that you show dehydration is actually on the front of your legs, on your shin bones.  So we have two products right here to help have a great leg. First, is a dry leg oil that'll help create that shimmer and the second is a slow build self-tanner. We've all seen people that kind of put the self-tanner on wrong and they've got like their hand marks on there, it's a whole mes It's a great way to be streak less.

For your hair, we have this Developlus Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System. A great 3-step rebuild process, which can be found It can counteract the damage that the salt water and sun can do to your hair. And when you use a hair-dryer, make sure it's a positive ion and turbo dryer. This one from Blue Bryer is fantastic, a little less damaging on your hair, but still just as effective. Go for more information.

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