Irresponsible beachgoers repeatedly trash Makua Beach

Irresponsible beachgoers repeatedly trash Makua Beach

MAKUA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Makua Beach is one of the last beaches along Oahu's west coast heading toward Kaena Point.

The shoreline is beautiful, remotely located, and regularly trashed by abusers who party on weekends and leave a mountain of garbage.

"Usually we'll fill up about three regular pickup trucks as well as the state flatbed truck," said Micah Doane of the group Protectors of Paradise.

Every Monday, he and fellow volunteers clear away litter and human waste.

"Some people they just do it right in the bushes and they leave their dirty tissue, women's toiletry things, whatever. They leave all that kind of stuff," Jonathan Doane said.

The castoffs include handfuls of nails from wooden pallets that beachgoers burn in bonfires.

"We're not talking about littly itty bitty nails. We're talking about maybe five inches, six inches that go through the pallets," cleanup volunteer John Auwae said.

The abusers are local families, military groups and college kids.

"It's adults doing it. How they be so lolo about it? It's just common sense, common courtesy," Jonathan Doane said.

The state has a two-person staff who can't keep up with the cleanup. So Protectors of Paradise helps with heavy lifting.

Micah Doane met with state parks officials last week. He said they're mulling over options to try to curb the trash problem.

"They may possibly be closing the gate seven days a week and limiting public access to fishing and star-gazing," he said.

DLNR spokesperson Deborah Ward said State Parks is in "preliminary discussions and engaging with the community in seeking solutions to protect the resources and allow for responsible public access."

Some beachgoers do bag their garbage, but they leave it behind instead of taking it away.

"What you pack in, pack out," Auwae said.

Monday's cleanup was light compared to other Monday's when Makua Beach looks like a landfill. Doane expects even more of a mess after this Fourth of July weekend.

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