Hawaii governor plans to veto 9 bills

Hawaii governor plans to veto 9 bills

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii Gov. David Ige said he plans to veto nine bills.

Monday was the constitutional deadline for Ige to give lawmakers notice of the bills he plans to veto.

Among the nine is a bill that would prohibit employers from accessing or obtaining employees' social media accounts and passwords.

Ige says it isn't clear if the practice is occurring at levels that require state intervention. He also says the bill didn't give the labor department funding for enforcement.

He's also vetoing a bill that would allow companies like Airbnb to collect and remit taxes on behalf of hosts and visitors.

He says vacation rentals fall under the city's jurisdiction. And Ige says for the bill to work as intended, counties must more actively enforce their own laws on vacation rentals before they claim additional tax revenues.

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