'Bows take surprise team-building trip to Schofield Barracks

'Bows take surprise team-building trip to Schofield Barracks

For most of the Rainbow Warriors' spring football sessions, first-year head coach Nick Rolovich preached the virtues of learning to play for one another as a means to, with any luck, an improved effort on the field during football season.

It should come as little surprise, then, that those lessons have continued into the summer.

Rolovich and the Rainbow Warriors spent Saturday on a team-building excursion to Schofield Barracks, interacting with troops and participating in activities designed to encourage them to work as one.

It's a skill Rolovich says they'll need to master before long.

"Our guys woke up thinking we were going to take them to boot camp, and they were betting on how many pushups they were going to do today," said Rolovich. "But this was to challenge their mind, challenge their adaptive learning and leadership, and really to make them understand a little more about counting on each other, not the X's and O's."

Those challenges included games like blindfolded tug-of-war, where teams had to first locate the rope before pulling it, and the completion of an obstacle course that depended more on teamwork and intellect than physical prowess.

"We were out here having a blast. It's super fun," said defensive end Makani Kema-Kaleiwahea. "I haven't done this before, I'm sure most guys haven't done this before, so it's an opportunity for us to go and have some fun. I'm just excited, and I'm happy to be with the guys and just with the guys we got this year... I think we're going to go pretty far and surprise some people."

The Rainbow Warrior football season begins on August 27th against Cal in Sydney, Australia.

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