Free app UNUM helps users visualize, plan perfect Instagram

Free app UNUM helps users visualize, plan perfect Instagram

From UNUM:

Instagram's powerhouse platform shows no sign of slowing down. Today, there are over 400 million users posting 75 million photos a day, and they have no way to forecast their Instagram feed. A 19-year old SoCal surfer girl has solved this problem with her startup, UNUM - a powerful Instagram design tool.

What is UNUM?

It is the only free app that lets you visualize and plan your perfect Instagram. You can rearrange, save drafts, schedule, edit, add descriptions, tile, and more! "We want to be the one-stop-shop for all your Instagram needs," states Kaley Morgan, UNUM founder.

UNUM was born from her frustration with her Instagram feed. "I had so many different pictures I wanted to post, but they would always clash and make my Instagram feed look disorganized. I tried to tile my pictures in Photoshop, send screenshots to myself, grid them in iPhoto, upload photos to a Word get the picture. It was tedious and frustrating and I ended up deleting most of my pictures because of it!" She looked everywhere to find a company that offered this service. When she couldn't find any, she started UNUM.

She adds, "UNUM is a Latin word that's part of a phrase that can be found on the dollar bill: 'E Pluribus UNUM,'  which means 'Out of many, one.' It actually summarizes us and Instagram pretty well!"

A user can visualize and plan their Instagram so it looks like one work of art and tells one story - yours – without the headache. It is a simple, fast, and intuitive tool to make your Instagram unified. UNUM is here to amplify your story.

The UNUM team has grand plans! ;) We're always working on rolling out more features for our users.