'Family Ingredients', new TV series hosted by chef Ed Kenney, premieres on PBS this summer

'Family Ingredients', new tv series hosted by chef Ed Kenney, premieres on PBS this summer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Every dish has a story, and every family has a dish. 'Family Ingredients' is a new culinary travel TV series that tells these unique stories by tracing the origins of a Hawai'i dish to its roots around the world. Not quite a documentary, not quite a cooking show, 'Family Ingredients' is a joyful ode to farmers, food producers and families.

Hosted by acclaimed O'ahu chef and sustainability hero Ed Kenney, the story begins in the Hawaiian Islands, where big things are happening in the state's dynamic culinary scene. Beautifully filmed, 'Family Ingredients'  showcases Hawai'i's small town communities, diverse cultures, and exhilarating experiences that cross the Pacific Ocean.

Engaging, authentic, funny, even a bit quirky, Kenney is the perfect host to trace these dishes around the globe. He takes off with guests to explore Okinawa, Tahiti, California, Japan, Puerto Rico, and the Hawaiian Islands, showcasing how cuisine can profoundly unite cultures, communities and families.

"The show started out as a culinary adventure based on what I do daily as a chef – telling stories through food," said Kenney. "I never realized that it would have such a strong impact on me."

The Emmy Award winning show is scheduled to premiere on PBS Hawai'i on June 22, 2016, and will be available on general release to PBS stations nationwide as of June 16, 2016. Check local listings.

For more information on Family Ingredients, visit FamilyIngredients.com

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