Hawaii DOT employee accused of misusing state resources

Hawaii DOT employee accused of misusing state resources

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - A superintendent for the Hawaii Department of Transportation remains under investigation after the state Ethics Commission found that he had used state resources "for his own personal purposes."

West Hawaii Today reports that Francis "Kepa" Kekaualua has been fined $3,000 as part of a settlement agreement with the commission. He has not admitted any wrongdoing.

Kekaualua is accused of using state staff and equipment to assist him after a tire blew out on his personal truck in Kona in August. He allegedly used a company vehicle to drive home and then ordered other employees to go pick up his truck and change the tire.

Records show the employees did the work for Kekaualua while on the clock.

Kekaualua could not be reached for comment.

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