Kahuku residents seek to fight back against vandalism

Kahuku residents seek to fight back against vandalism
(City of Honolulu)
(City of Honolulu)

KAHUKU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kahuku residents are re-starting a community watch program in the wake of vandalism at the Kahuku District Park bathrooms.

On Tuesday night, vandals destroyed toilets and sinks in the men's bathroom. It's the latest park bathroom to be hit by vandals.

Park crews discovered the damage around 8 a.m. Wednesday. The debris has since been removed, and the bathrooms are boarded up until repairs can be made.

Kahuku High School teacher Junior Mataafa said he and other leaders in the community have decided to rally together to put a stop to crime.

"We actually started a community watch," he said. "It's been ongoing. It died, but it is coming back."

The 27-year old Mataafa said he reached out to local leaders in the community Wednesday, and they have decided to use the incident to bring the community closer together.

"I feel that the younger generation, especially around my age, has a calling and a duty and responsibility to take what the leaders  have done out there and take it to a further approach," he said.

Mataafa added the senseless act hurts everyone who uses the park and the taxpayers who will ultimately foot the city bill to fix it.

City officials didn't have a date for repairs.

Mataafa said he and others suspect that local teens are behind vandalism.

He said if that's the case, they hope to work with the families and police to use this as a learning opportunity to prevent it from happening again.

In the meantime, police are asking anyone with information on the crime to call 911.

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