DUI checkpoint ruins benefit concert on Kauai

DUI checkpoint ruins benefit concert on Kauai

MAHAULEPU, KAUAI - An organizer for a benefit concert is blaming Kauai police for a turnout of just a few dozen when he was expecting up to 750 people.

The Reggae for Life event on June 4 was a fundraiser for cancer research at the CJM stables property in Mahaulepu.

But just as crowds started showing up, police set up a DUI checkpoint along the only road leading to the event.

Police told Kauai newspaper, 'The Garden Island' it was a random location.

But there's nothing else out there, which has event organizer, Phillip White saying the only drivers being stopped were going to the concert.

"And these weren't just regular searches," White said. "I mean, people were coming out their cars and they were searching trunks and inside. I did hear that KPD did mention that they had 10 officers there and I'm not scared to say that's a bold lie. There were as many as 23 at any given moment at this road block."

White says he lost about $9,000 on the concert.

He also says Kauai police have targeted him before.

In 2014, White says police stopped one of his reggae concerts, claiming there was a bomb threat.

Hawaii News Now has reached out to Kauai Police for comment.

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