Local connection: Terror in Orlando

Local connection: Terror in Orlando

The mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in Orlando was truly a senseless slaughter.

Yet, we in the media must try to make sense of it.  We ask why it happened – which no one may ever know.  We ask if it could be prevented by stronger guns laws, more vigilant law enforcement, by more security.  We want to know because we want to know if our own communities are safe.  But that too, we will never know.

We ask about the killer... in order to determine if something could have been done. But none of us can really understand the kind of mentality that could commit such a horrific crime.

We do know he hated enough not to care about the human lives he was wasting.  But was it hatred of people because of their sexual orientation or because they were Americans?

We also know that the people who died did not deserve it and their loved ones now need comfort support and our prayers.

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