Manoa Cup poses unique challenges for local golfers

Local golfers gear up for 108th Manoa Cup

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - 108 years after it's inception the Manoa Cup is now the longest running golf tournament here in Hawaii. Next week, one golfer will add their name to more than a century's worth of champions who have had their's etched in that sought after trophy, including last year's winner, Tyler Ota.

"I don't like to put added pressure on myself But we all want to win, I want to win a little bit more than last year just to prove to myself that I can do it, so I'm not a fluke or anything like that. But yea there's definitely an added pressure on it." said Ota.

Even without that pressure, the old school format of the Manoa Cup makes simply playing difficult for most competitors.

"It is 18 hole qualifier, in a 64 player field, match play final, it's all walking, it's caddies, you can't use a golf cart. It's a test of endurance and a unique format these days being match play" said tournament co-director, Jay Hinazumi.

"It's tough, not only is it the psychological, it's physical you know we don't get tournaments like this usually get to use our golf carts and it's not a week long tournament it's usually three days so it takes a lot out of you." said Ota.

But earning the right to receive the champion's blessing, a toss into the Oahu Country Club pool, at the end of a long week of golf, is worth the added work.

"You know, all the tournament we play has its history but this one being that it's over 100 years old just means a little more... to be put on a short list of players just feels a little better" (look for quote about less than 100 names on the cup." said Ota.